Twitter Will Allow Users to Buy and Sell NFTs Through Tweets

Twitter Will Allow Users to Buy and Sell NFTs Through Tweets

Twitter, the social media platform, announced today it would allow users to buy, sell, and show off NFTs right on tweets, partnering with four markets. The integration, called “NFT tweet tiles,” displays an NFTs artwork within a special panel inside of the tweet, and includes a button that allows users to click to a Marketplace listing. The integration – still being tested – is currently working with markets from four specific partners: Solana-centric Magic Eden Marketplace, NFT multi-platform market protocol Rarible, blockchain builder Dapper Labs, and sports-focused platform Collectively, these marketplaces span multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polygon, Tezos, and Immutable X. 

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the function is not blockchain-specific, so that all networks are supported so long as a reference is coming from the marketplaces partner. The spokesperson added that “the feature is currently being tested on selected Twitter users on both iOS and Web,” and those users would see NFT Tweet Tile integration if they were part of the testing group.

A premium subscription to Twitter Blue is not required to use the feature. Twitter has previously supported NFTs for verified profile pictures via their Twitter Blue subscription service back in January, but it is only supporting Ethereum NFTs at this time. Editors Note: This post was updated after publication to include comments from a Twitter spokesperson. 

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